A downloadable game for Windows

High Concept

Defend the base at the center of the map from asteroid collisions by running into the asteroids.


Top Down Point and Click Casual Game

Art Style: Stylised realistic 3D Space Environment.


The Ichiban Space Station has entrusted you to pilot the rocket powered asteroid defense system. The R-PADS is essentially an asteroid with rockets and a cockpit attached to it. Its defense tactics involve using it to run into other asteroids and keep them from damaging the station. Keep the station alive!

Game Play Mechanics & Systems

Player Movement

The player pawn, the R-PADS, moves where the player clicks. The speed is based on the size of the R-PADS after encountering multiple asteroid collisions. Brown asteroids increase your size and reduce your speed. Silver asteroids reset the R-PADS to the original size and speed.

The player's movement is limited to the screen dimensions (i.e. the size of the map). The player simply can not move past these boundaries.

The player must navigate around the space station in the center.

The camera view is locked above the play area. The view is set to the size of the map.

Made in Unreal Engine 4

Install instructions

Unzip the file. Start the Asteroid Commander.exe at the top level folder.


AsteroidCommander.zip 326 MB